New CD "Eternal Tides"  coming out : 2017 may 26th

(buda records 860308)


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 This album is a collaboration between composer, arranger and producer Alain Genty and Scottish singer and lyricist Joanne McIver.

Guest musicians include Patrick Molard (biniou), Jean-Michel Veillon (bombard), Nicolas Giraud (trumpet), Christophe Saunière (harp) and Thierry Garcia (guitar).

Joanne McIver grew up on the Isle of Arran in the south-west of Scotland, and her homeland provides the inspiration for many of the songs, some of which are in Gaelic.

“Eternal Tides” is the title of both the album and the first track.  The song describes a mother’s anguish at seeing her son leave to go herring fishing for the very first time, sailing off into the vast immensity and the unknown dangers of the ocean.  The reminiscence of endless summers spent playing on the beach; the homeward pull of your childhood island; work songs on the harbour; Culloden, the ultimate battle of the Scots against the English:  such are some of the themes explored in this album…